Our Verification Services Help You Confirm Education Levels, Training Certificates, Past Employment and Personal References. All Designed to Save You Money While Saving You Time

The two most guarded commodities we have in business are time and money. Why risk either in the applicant verification process?

Everybody tells the truth on their applications and resumes don’t they?

Ever notice how the sheet that gets left out of the applicant’s resume is their arrest “rap sheet”?

In a recent survey of 2.6 million job applications:

  • 44% lied about their work experience,
  • 23% fabricated their credentials or professional licenses and
  • 41% falsified their educational background.

EBS can save you time, money and aggravation in the verification phases of your hiring or placement process.

We will spend the time contacting the college, training institute, state regulatory agency and references for your applicant.

Our reports are simple to read and will provide you sufficient information to feel comfortable that the information provided by the applicant is accurate as it relates to education, training and references.

Are you a medical provider?

If so, then you need to read about our FACIS search for the medical profession.

FACIS is the acronym for “Fraud and Abuse Control Information System.” This portal service from EBS offers you instant access to information on professional license sanctions of persons or business entities that have been subjected to sanction for fraudulent acts that adversely impact Medicare and Medicaid. If you are involved with or receive any type of financial payment from either Medicare or Medicaid, then FACIS is an essential search tool that you need to use.

Why is FACIS important to you as a medical provider?

Simply it is all about risk management to protect your financial assets. The United States Office of Inspector General (OIG) can fine individuals and / or practices $10,000 per incident the excluded person you just hired has patient contact or provides a service.

But I didn’t know their license was revoked in another state.

Probably true but the OIG looks at these issues as if you knew or reasonable could have known about the action against your applicant or employee. FACIS allows you the ability to demonstrate your due diligence in this area by providing you instant access to over 800 state and federal provider information resources.

A FACIS search from EBS offers you many benefits:

  • Instant results to reduce turn around times,
  • FACIS Level 3 Searches – To provide the broadest nationwidesearch possible of current license standings,
  • Historical search functions are included to search for past “bad acts” for nearly a decade,
  • A cost effective research tool with a broad scope and a long memory, Easy to read results that will identify the person and what lead the imposed sanction.