National Sex Offender Searches

A search for sex offender status has become a basic component in almost every background check. This is due to the high risk and liability levels associated to employers or landlords with this type of offender. These searches can be run at the county level or at a nationwide level.

To serve you better EBS defaults to a rapid nationwide sex offender search instead of a single state or county level search, at no additional expense to you. Our goal is to provide you the broadest net possible in our effort to help you detect those persons who are currently listed as a sex offender.

Note: It is important to remember that not all sex offenders will be listed as a current sex offender. Examples include an offender adjudicated and convicted as a minor as those court records are protected. Also not all sex offenders must register for life. Some offenders are allowed by the courts to “de-register” and as such have fulfilled their obligation for their crime to the courts; as such they are released from the reporting requirements.