Multi-State Criminal Search

The Multi-State criminal check is a broad based search of a variety of databases or records resources from across the United States. It is generally completed the same day as entered and initial records are reviewed by EBS for consistency prior being returned to you.

It is an excellent tool when used as a pointer index search to locate other jurisdictions that should be searched. It helps identify where a direct criminal search should be conducted to obtain additional records from a court.

Despite the fact it has a broad scope it should never be used as a “stand alone” search to make a hiring choice. Coupling this search with a state or county level search provides you and us with an identifiable court of record as the source of adverse information in the event your applicant wishes to challenge any adverse hiring action.

Note: Some background companies market what they call a comprehensive “nationwide” criminal records search. To date there is no single search that will check every state and every county in the United States for criminal records of convictions.