Criminal Court Records of Felony & Misdemeanor Convictions From International, Federal, State and County Sources.

A recidivism study conducted by the Department of Justice showed almost 67% of people released from prison re-offended within 3 years, over 50% with in 2 years and 40% within their first year. A Criminal Records search from EBS helps you make an informed hiring choice.

Making a proper hiring choice starts with having accurate information to work with. A search of felony and misdemeanor convictions directly from the judicial system is an essential element in conducting a proper background check. In today’s litigious society you demonstrate due diligence and help protect yourself in the future by completing background checks today.

Criminal Reports:

Employment Background Solution offers you resources at the federal, state and county levels of our court record system. We can even access international court records sources as well.

Typically criminal reports will generally contain the defendant’s name, date of birth (full or truncated), docket dates (for offense, filing & disposition), charge(s) of conviction, fine, probation period & jail or state prison time served. Often any court ordered “Community Service” requirements are also included.

Turnaround Times:

In many states, once a court record has been updated with case information it is accessible from a “statewide” resource.

EBS is able to access those automated records for you and return these results to you in a matter of hours during that same business day you requested a search. Other states may require 2 – 3 business days to complete depending on their level of automation.

7 versus 10 Year Reports:

The general industry standard for background check reports is a 7-year time frame for criminal records. Most of our competitors in the business will offer a 10-year records search to you as an option for an additional fee.

At EBS we provide our clients a 10-year search result from those jurisdictions that allow us to access those older records at no additional cost to you. Where that option is not open to us, you will receive the default 7-year search.

Court Fees:

Many counties and some states in the United States also charge a records access fee to simply look for the requested information regardless if a record exists or not. EBS does pre-pay this fee on your behalf and we in turn add that to your monthly invoice without markup.

Types of Criminal Searches:

International Criminal History Search– (Turn around times will vary from country to country.)

A report of convictions of felony, misdemeanor & other “state” crimes from the Court Judiciary source or it’s equivalency in that country.

U.S. Federal Criminal History Search – (Completed the same day.)
Reported convictions of violations of United States Code (USC) filed in a Federal Court District in the United States directly from the Court.

Note: Per policy for public access to Federal Court records all personal identifiers such as dates of birth, the SSN and associated addresses are removed from those records to minimize the risk of identity theft.

Results indicated in this report will reflect a NAME MATCH ONLY to an existing case in the Federal Court records. The result being returned is based upon a name match, a past address link to the jurisdiction and corresponding time frames only.

State Criminal History Search – (Same day – 3 days average.)

A search for open, pending or closed felony, misdemeanor and some petty offense cases from a given state and a specific court of record. Providing you either a record of charges and convictions, disposition information or notice that the matter is still pending in the court docket system as an “open” case. Often warrants for arrest are located in this manner and that information is passed on to you at no additional expense.

For those states that do not possess an electronic based records system that provides a statewide search of the courts, EBS will default to a county level criminal search based upon where your applicant has resided.

County Criminal History Search – (Same day – 3 days average.)

This search will yield the same results that the state will however it will be specific to just the county or counties you have selected to be searched. Each county searched does constitute a separate search.

Multi-State Criminal Search – (Completed the same day.)

The Multi-State criminal check is an instant and broad based search of a variety of databases or records resources from across the United States.

It is an excellent tool when used as a pointer index search to locate other jurisdictions where a direct state or county criminal level search should be conducted from a court of record.

Despite the fact it has a broad scope it should never be used as a “stand alone” search to make a hiring choice. Coupling this search with a state or county level search provides you and us with an identifiable court of record as the source of adverse information in the event your applicant wishes to challenge any adverse hiring action.

Note: Many background companies offer what is marketed to you as a comprehensive “nationwide” criminal records search. To date there is no single search that will check every state and county in the United States for criminal records of convictions.

Sex Offender Searches: (Completed the same day.)

A search for sex offender status has become a basic component in almost every background check. This is due to the high risk and liability levels associated to employers or landlords with this type of offender.

To serve you better we default to an instant nationwide sex offender search at no extra charge to you.

Employment Background Solutions has the ability to search either a single state or complete a nationwide search of sex offender databases looking for your applicant. Our goal is to provide you the broadest net possible in our effort to help you detect those persons who are currently listed as a sex offender in another jurisdiction.

Note: It is important to remember that the not all sex offenders will be listed as a current sex offender. Examples include an offender adjudicated and convicted as a minor as those court records are protected. Also not all sex offenders must register for life. Some offenders are allowed by the courts to “de-register” and as such have fulfilled their obligation for their crime in the eye of the courts and are released from the reporting requirements.