The correct hiring and placement choices all start with accurate background check information. Employment Background Solutions is your one stop resource. Employment Background Solutions is your one-stop resource for cost-effective, accurate background checks with rapid turnaround times.

A recidivism study conducted by the Department of Justice showed:

Almost 67% of people released from prison re-offended within three years,

More than 50% will re-offend within two years, 40% will re-offend within their first year. A Criminal Records search from EBS helps you make an informed hiring choice. Making a proper hiring choice starts with having accurate information to work with. A search of felony and misdemeanor convictions directly from the judicial system is an essential element in conducting a proper background check. In today’s litigious society you demonstrate due diligence and help protect yourself in the future by completing background checks today. Employment Background Solutions is your one stop resource for cost effective accurate background checks with a rapid turn around times. News v2Criminal Reports Employment Background Solution helps you access federal, state, and county court records. We can even access international court records. Typically criminal reports contain the defendant’s name, date of birth (full, truncated or redacted), all court dates (for offense, filing & disposition), the charges, any fines the defendant was ordered to pay, the length of the probation period, and any jail or prison time served. Any court orders for community service are also included.

Driver’s License & Motor Vehicle Reports

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) – A search of an applicant’s state issued driver’s license for its current status (valid or suspended), records of moving violations & convictions. Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) – A search of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety System Administration to verify the applicant is in possession of only one commercial driver’s license as part of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986. Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) records are available that will cover the last 3 years.

Social Security Related Searches

A full line of Social Security number based searches is available to you. Searches such as a past address trace, death index search, year / state of issuance and name(s) associated to the SSN. All designed to help verify your applicant’s information and identify potentially fraudulent use of a SSN.

Other Unique and Diverse Searches

OFAC — The “Office of Foreign Asset and Control.” We can search the “Terrorist Watch List” from the Office of the Inspector General to identify any people who pose a threat to our national security. FACIS — The “Fraud and Abuse Control Information System”. We can search for people who are banned from providing medical care because of past, fraudulent actions. It will include past infractions and license suspensions in the medical field. The use of Employment Background Solutions services can help you:

  • Gain a competitive advantage in hiring
  • Demonstrate your commitment to “Due Diligence” in your hiring practices
  • Foster a safer work environment
  • Reduce turnover
  • Increase productivity
  • Comply with federal law for specific businesses
  • Fulfill other legal or contractual obligations in the normal course of business
  • Identify the best candidate to meet your needs

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