A word of caution – If it sounds to good to be true …..

We’ve all seen those Internet websites that offer a “comprehensive” background check for “nationwide” criminal records for a surprisingly affordable low price. Like the old expressions say, “If it sounds to good to be true …” and “You get what you pay for”. Don’t get fooled by promises of low prices only to find out that your inexpensive search now has a series of fees tacked on to it. Many of these types of searches are simple database searches and the records do not come from a court repository; as such they should not be used alone in adverse hiring scenarios.

With EBS you will know the bottom line before you search

EBS is unique by providing exceptional customer service coupled with prices that are highly competitive. In many cases, EBS can provide you a more detailed search package than you are currently getting for the same or better price point.  Best of all we do not hide fees. You will see the cost of your search and any government assessed fees at the time you enter your search data. Also, we do not mark up those fees. Rather we pay the fee up front for you and simply attach it to your invoice, where it is clearly marked.

Not sure what you need from a background search?

No problem .. let’s talk. We want to discuss your needs and situations to make sure the searches we provide you actually meet those needs. Below are a few examples of current search groups that our clients find useful in hiring situations.  We will be glad to set up your account, build your search package and modify them if need at no charge to you.

This is what separates us from the majority of the background screening companies—REAL WORLD POLICE EXPERIENCE. EBS also brings an insight to criminal records that many providers do not have. This is a byproduct of almost 70 years as police officers, conducting criminal investigations at the state and federal level.

We’ve spent a lifetime reviewing criminal records, analyzing their contents and managing risk through information.

*If your company needs a custom package we can create one in minutes. We do not charge extra for customizing a package, just the searches within the package.