Protecting Our Children is at the top of our list. Every company can offer the same or similar clearances, better support, better customer service and claim to be better than the next. Most companies all offer cost effective pricing, custom solutions, rapid delivery, so how do you know who to trust. Do your due diligence when it comes to knowing who’s behind the company.

Why does it matter that the Managing Partners have had over 70 years of law enforcement experience? That’s 70 years of reviewing criminal records, analyzing their content and managing risk through information. Our background involves every aspect of law enforcement, Patrol, Community Service, School Officers, S.W.A.T., Traffic, Narcotics, Technology to mention a few. We also have a background in Local, State, and Federal criminal investigations. Our Administrative Assist also has an extensive background in law enforcement to include doing background clearances on law enforcement applicants.

The Managing Partners were also educators, teaching in Elementary School, Middle School, and the High School level. So, what does that mean, we know how variable our precious children are and what we need to do to protect them.

What do we know about sports; both Managing Partners also have an extensive background in coaching, managing and conducting sporting events from youth sports to high school. Both Managing Partners are also parents who have had their children in recreational, competitive, high school and college levels of sports. We’ve been around Coaches, Volunteers and Athletes most of our lives.

On top of all that we have years of experience in conducting backgrounds clearances for our clients. From non-profit corporations to major corporations throughout the United States.

That’s our history. So why did we get involved in background screening, it’s simple it was a natural fit. Law Enforcement, Educators, Human Resource and Parents. A perfect fit.