EBS offers a unique solution that allows business to support charities without impacting their bottom line.

How it works:

First of all, this unique concept has no cost to you or your company. Chances are you are using a pre-employment background company to clear potential employees. All we ask is that you research our company and if you decide to use EBS we will donate a percentage of our profits from every clearance your company does with EBS back to your designated charity. Additionally, you can recommend our services to your business associates, members of your church or other organizations that conduct background checks.  In turn they can also identify your charity or cause to be the beneficiary of this same exciting offer. There is no limit to the number of benefactors a given charity can receive support from with this program. Contributions will be made from EBS on your behalf to the identified charity program.

(Note: The recipient must be a legitimate recognized charitable cause or an active 501(c)(3) organization under the IRS definitions in good standing.)

How do you benefit:

When you elect to use EBS, your company will receive discounted pricing, great turn around times, accurate reports and the best customer service available.

How do charities benefit:

Simply put, the charitable cause receives a new and ongoing funding source during challenging economic times; one that requires no effort on their part to administer.

Bottom Line …

This is a win – win situation that does not impact your bottom line but helps build up theirs.

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