Why Employment Background Solutions?

Law enforcement officers take an oath when they’re sworn in. Part of that oath is a commitment to “protect and serve.” We feel so strongly about this commitment that we’ve incorporated this belief into our business practices. EBS is here to serve you by providing you with reliable background screening information so you can make an informed placement choice. It’s all part of your goal to protect your business, employees, and patrons.

Real world police experience does make a difference.

EBS offers you access to the most current information resources available. EBS also brings an insight to criminal records that many providers do not have. This is a byproduct of our almost 70 years as police officers conducting criminal investigations at state and federal levels. We have spent a lifetime reviewing criminal records, analyzing their contents, and managing risk through information.

EBS takes the extra step for you.

Many background and pre-employment screening firms simply push data in and out of their systems. EBS takes different approach by performing the first level of adjudication for you at no additional cost. We review the information in our criminal reports for inconsistencies and content before sending it back to you. The reports that you get back will contain records of criminal convictions, party to civil actions or other relevant information such as the presence of an active arrest warrant or a pending case.  At EBS we believe that for you to make an informed hiring or placement choice you need to start with fast, accurate and reliable information.

Rapid turnaround times.

We pride ourselves in turning around your searches as fast as we can. Measuring our turnaround times in hours, not days or weeks. We strive to have your information back to you within the same business day or by the start of the next day depending on the nature of the search. Some jurisdictions lack electronic access and that requires us to send a researcher directly to the court to obtain your information. Of course that adds time to the process. Usually those searches are completed within 72 – 96 business hours. You have the right to be informed. From your desktop you can track the progress of a report as it is being completed. You will receive email updates on information or developments in real time. We will also proactively contact you regarding information that is either sensitive or requires additional attention.

Customer Service.

We believe in providing great customer service; another holdover of our years in police work and our continued commitment to “Protect and Serve”. To better serve you, every client is assigned an account representative. This is somebody you can actually call or email and get a response from. We do not outsource our customer service, we are domestically based and take great pride in the level care of care we extend to our business associates.

We have cost-effective and customized solutions.

At EBS we make every effort to keep our overhead down so that we can keep our pricing as low as possible. We want to pass cost savings along to our clients by offering reasonable prices for our services. At the same time we are constantly working on bringing you access to the best and fastest information resources to meet your background screening needs.

We extend this same cost savings approach to addressing your special needs. EBS will set up your account, customize search packages based on your needs, and even modify those packages as your needs change–all at NO COST to you.

Put the EBS difference to work for you.

Once you experiences the EBS difference in how we work with you, you will understand why our current clients have only praise for our services.